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Save 50%Rose Gold Bracelet
Simona Taglieferri
Rose Gold Bracelet Sale price€508,00 50% off Regular price€1.017,00
Save 50%Rose Gold Diamond RingRose Gold Diamond Ring
Simona Taglieferri
Rose Gold Diamond Ring Sale price€639,00 50% off Regular price€1.278,00
Save 50%Mother of Pearl Necklace
Mother of Pearl Necklace Sale price€736,00 50% off Regular price€1.472,00
Save 50%Acacia & Leather Necklace
Acacia & Leather Necklace Sale price€511,00 50% off Regular price€1.022,00
Save 50%Amethyst Ebony RingAmethyst Ebony Ring
Amethyst Ebony Ring Sale price€332,00 50% off Regular price€664,00
Save 50%Amethyst Horn RingAmethyst Horn Ring
Amethyst Horn Ring Sale price€409,00 50% off Regular price€818,00
Save 50%Amethyst, Crystal & Pearl Necklace
Amethyst, Crystal & Pearl Necklace Sale price€945,00 50% off Regular price€1.891,00
Save 50%Ametrine Necklace
Ametrine Necklace Sale price€843,00 50% off Regular price€1.687,00
Black Diamonds & Silver Necklace
Diamonds & Quartz Silver Necklace
Yoko Rubies & Silver Ring
Sei Diamonds & Silver RingSei Diamonds & Silver Ring
Poppy Diamonds & Silver Ring
Poline Copper & Silver Ring
Save 50%Paquita Diamond & Silver Ring
Rosa Maria
Paquita Diamond & Silver Ring Sale price€122,00 50% off Regular price€245,00
Noufa Diamonds & Silver Ring